Iridium Prepaid Top Ups

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Iridium Prepaid Top Ups

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To recharge your existing Iridium Pre Paid SIM, choose your plan above.

Please Note: We can only top up Iridium SIM cards which have been purchased from us. If you are currently with a competing provider, and would like to switch over to take advantage of our low rates, call us to receive an additional $50 credit.

Once the checkout process is complete, is an activation code supplied online?
After the order is placed, the top-up is applied to your account by the next business day. No need to do anything else.

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To check your Iridium Prepaid SIM airtime balance anytime, free of charge:

1. Press 2888 on your Iridium satellite phone
2. Press the Green 'SEND' button
3. The automated service will announce your remaining airtime and validity.

Note: phone must be registered to the Iridium network to check airtime balance and expiry.

Also, every time you make a call, a recorded message will tell you how many minutes are available.

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